Is it possible to purchase guide subscription for a used tablo bought on eBay?

I’m looking at some used 4-tuner Tablo units on eBay and just wanted to ask if there’s anything I should keep in mind before purchasing. Am I safe to assume I won’t have a problem when entering in the serial number since supposedly the subscription is tied to the user not the hardware? Thanks, Andy


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You shouldnt have any issues but have you considered a refurb direct from Tablo? Not quite as cheap but still a great deal at $200 and they come with a warranty.

Definitely agree with @Daniel454 that you should purchase a refurbished Tablo directly from us.

We’ve heard from many customers who’ve been burned by purchasing faulty units on eBay.

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I have. I made an offer on one last night. If I can’t get it for my price I’m definitely will to spend just a little more to get the warranty. Thank you!

I got a refurb and it has been great!

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Just ordered my refurb’d unit! Thank you :blush:


I’m sorry, given the temperature Tablos run at, I thought that was a particulalry delightful turn of phrase. :smiley: :smiley:

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If it does run hot get a usb fan. There are 2 usb ports only one can be used for a hard drive. I put a small usb fan on top of it. Seems to help with the heat.