Is it possible to have an antenna stop working on a single channel?

My TL;DR - Is it possible for something to physically happen to an antenna to cause it to cease receiving a SINGLE Broadcast channel?

The details -

I have a Antenna Direct Clearstream 5 that I was happily watching live WESH 2 (a VHF channel) in Orlando on this morning - perfect reception, no issues. At 8:59 this morning, My Tablo was supposed to switch over to recording something on WESH 2, and promptly locked up. I tried reconnecting, going through a web browser, and eventually was able to at least reconnect to the Tablo by rebooting it, but still WESH was unable to be found. The show that was supposed to be recorded on it wasn’t recording, and no signal. I tried rescanning, and WESH now seems to be nonexistent.

The antenna is in my attic, so there’s been no occurrence thats caused it to move, etc.

After much troubleshooting this morning, including factory reseting the Tablo, I cannot seem to get any indication of a signal from WESH (everything else continues to work perfectly).

So, in a last bit of troubleshooting, I disconnected everything, and ran the antenna directly into a TV - same result. Every channel I had previously comes in perfectly on the TV as well, but WESH is totally gone. This is now directly connected to the TV - no splitters, nothing - and still not getting WESH.

I’m really at a loss to trouble shoot this. It just seems like WESH ceased to exist at 9am this morning. I even went so far as to check their twitter to see if their antenna blew up or something.

Any ideas are appreciated!

Most likely your antenna is fine, but the broadcast station is having issues.
You might be able to find the phone number of that station, and get more info.

From time to time ABC drops for me even though it comes in green when I do a channel scan. When I try to switch to that channel Tablo gives me a channel error saying the signal is too weak. I reboot Tablo and the channel comes back. It only seems to happen on that specific channel and I can always get it back with rebooting. I am almost thinking I should just reboot it daily in the middle of the night because I don’t want something not to record because that channel died.

It could be a few things. If WESH was ‘on the edge’ of being picked up by your antenna before, small changes (even just interfering frequencies, weather, etc.) could prevent the antenna from picking it up.

Or, the broadcaster could be having genuine issues. We’ve seen them be pretty responsive in the past with these types of things.