Is it possible to display a show's details on the roku when watching live tv?

Currently, when you press the down arrow on your Roku remote, a popup displays the current channel number, channel name, show name and time you have been watching (or perhaps that’s time of current buffer). You can not see any details about the show however.  It would be very nice to see the current show’s details (information) akin to what you can see when you look at the info page in the live channel view of the tablet/html5 display. Just the info about the show, how long it will run, etc… This would also be an ideal spot to have a record button if that’s possible with the Roku api.

Good feedback @Frostcall

The Roku app is going to get lots of improvements and tinkering over the coming months so keep the feature requests coming! 

It would be really nice to be able to delete the recorded show/movie from the Roku app.
Of course, speeding up the loading of live TV would be great too. Currently it typically takes approximately 30 to 40 seconds for life TV to load. I am using a Roku 3. I imagine some of this delay is inherent in the Roku device itself, and you guys may not have much control over that.
I agree with @Frostcall suggestion of a record button within the Roku app as well. that would be a very nice feature.