Is it me or did cover art go away?


It was there last night, but not this a.m. I figured this morning it was just the old Nexus player that hadn’t been used for a few weeks, but it’s missing tonight on my Roku Ultra, the Windows Tablo app, and the browser view also. I don’t think I did anything…

Is it likely because I am flagged as not having a subscription even though I paid for annual in October?

If so, do I assume this is all associated with the fiasco I read about on the change to multiple device accounts? Even though I am not one of those…


Probably due to the server outage the other day. You just need to need to go into your Tablo settings and click the refresh button for your subscription.


Thx. found the other thread … what fun…


A simular thing happened to me. All of my flags disappeared from the episodes that were scheduled to record. The sceduled series were listed on the scheduled page but the episodes were not flagged. I had logged onto each scheduled series and on the options menu, then clicked on either New Episodes or All Episodes to force a reset of the flags on the scheduled episodes. I had to do this for each series scheduled to record. The episodes would have probably recorded without the flags displayed but I feel more comfortable seeing the flags. This probably would not have happened except I had tried to view the record options for MAS*H and that appeared probly triggered a lookup on the Tablo website. i did not know that the host system was on maintenace and so I requested an update to the guide. This was about the time thay were bringing the system up. Something happened in the process.