Is it April Fool’s Day? New Tablo DUAL HDMI

The harmony already controls the TV. The objective is to toss the tablo remote in the trash and use the harmony to control the tablo.

One remote to control all - the world.

If your television supports HDMI CEC outputs over HDMI to an external device, your TV’s remote (or your Harmony remote) can be used to control the Tablo DUAL HDMI when CEC control is enabled on the television.

I understand this is generation one of this device, but it is a step in the right direction for me. If it were a 4-tuner model, and supported ATSC 3.0, I would be placing my order now. That being said, ATSC 3.0 is still in it’s “beta period” (I have an HDHomerun 4K - and in the Austin market, the stations aren’t broadcasting 24/7 yet - just testing), and there are many issues with support for different devices) and it isn’t ready for “prime-time”.

I currently have two Tablo 4-Tuner DVRs (one old school, one of the new quads), and use it to record all of my OTA content. So, I won’t be upgrading until the “beta period” ends…and evaluate the options.

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I think the top end maxlinear chips have supported both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 since late 2018.

But without knowing what tuner and CPU is being used I doubt this exact box will support ATSC 3.0. It only supports AC-3 and not AC-4.

But wake me up if they have a 2-tuner box like this that supports ATSC 3.0. A 4-tuner that supports 4 concurrent recording and also plays 4 recordings would require a powerful CPU. But I really don’t need HDMI support.

ATSC 3.0 tuner? I would NOT buy any new TV or DVR without it. Austin, TX does have ATSC 3.0 broadcast.

4 Tuner and ATSC 3.0 support, my order would be placed too.

@TabloTV - clarify or interpret please

Watch on your connected TV or up to two additional TVs via select Tablo apps.

I can watch on my HDMI connected TV or TVs (up to 2)

…or can I watch a possible of 3?

I don’t have the money for NextGen TV test and trials until it becomes well established - although I may wait to see if 4 tuner/Quad HDMI comes along :grin:

Since watching tv on the connected TV uses no data, it has to be watching on a total of 3.

As for me, maybe ASTC 3, but not really interested in a set top box. Let’s face it there are ton of these for really really really really (add more if you like) cheap out there already that just capture ATSC mpeg2 to file.

Now, ATSC 3 steaming box (like traditional Tablo)… more interesting. But I didn’t go all nuts and jump into 4K (that really isn’t ready for prime time even today). So, interesting maybe with my next TV purchase. 4K is so messed up in so many ways…

@TabloTV Completly misunderstand! What or how does Nuvyoo define proprietary!?!!

It can stream live and recorded antenna TV on up to two secondary televisions in your home without the need for additional proprietary hardware.

Roku, Amazon FireTV/OS and Android TV ARE all proprietary systems! aren’t they?

is roku proprietary

is fireTV OS proprietary

Android TV is Google’s Android modified for TVs… Android is not open-source = proprietary

So, how do I stream to my other 2 TVs with out using proprietary apps/devices? and the articles claims?

Lol this was basically a dig at TiVo that requires TiVo Minis to be used with their TiVo DVR on other TVs. Well it used to, I don’t know if that’s since changed.

I presumed it’s 3, but kind’a open to interpretation. It’s one of those things you read about here… well how was I suppose to know? what do you mean it’s all explained a few clicks away? I just thought it’d work how I wanted it to, now I find out it doesn’t.

As for data usage? as in network streaming / transcoding? Even raw MPEG2 is data, isn’t it?

Well, in that context — It’s kinda good for a :laughing:

But taken as is… it’s kind of flubbed up, slightly misleading. There may be some unpleased by this :neutral_face:

It’s over HDMI instead of the network is what I mean.

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So if you are married and one travels for work, this is not for them.

Is there some technical reason that the AppleTV isn’t a streaming client for this box?

I’m betting something along network discovery. As it’s less internet dependent, I guess clients using the “phone home” methodology doesn’t fit it’s plan?

Wouldn’t that be based on household circumstances and personal preferences?
Several users have 2-tuners/Dual for His and Hers… this might help with marriages - less technical for [insert gender] while one is out traveling and unable to assist. Happy life… :smile:

Yes my understanding is that the Apple TV devices do not support playback of MPEG2 video.

They do support playback of h.264 video hence they work with the older “network based Tablo” devices.


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