Is iOS app down?

Can’t connect from outside via iOS.

Mine works here. Is your Tablo app able to access to your LTE data? As in did you turn off cellular data for the Tablo app?

Thanks for checking, absolutely yes, I’m posting this over LTE and cellular data is turned on for Tablo. Maybe the app somehow got unsynced from my local network. I’ll try it from my local Wi-Fi when I get home…

The Tablo app connected fine on my local Wi-Fi, and when I went into “settings” it informed me that I need to set up port forwarding on my router. The router (Linksys 1900acs) worked fine till now without this, but a few days ago I upgraded my cable modem to an Arris Docsis 3.1. It would seem that the need to manually configure port forwarding depends not just on the router, but on the relationship between router and cable modem. I entered the external --> internal ports and IP address indicated in the app and all is good now…

So iOS app isn’t down? and never was? probably not something “they” control?

Yep, this was “my bad.”

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Is the new cable modem in bridge mode? As in the router functions of the modem are turned off?

The Arris SB8200 that I got is just a cable modem, not a router - so I don’t believe bridge mode applies. It feeds my Linksys 1900acs wi-fi/router. I made no changes to the router, only swapped the cable modem, and it seems like from that point on, Tablo required port forwarding to be set in the router. Prior to this I’d been using an Arris SB6190, and did not need to set port forwarding for the app to see my Tablo externally.

More likely that the Tablo had automatically configured port forwarding on your Linksys router via UPnP. Port forwarding is always required for remote viewing.