Is background audio from Tablo not possible on iPhone

From reading posts from years ago, it looks as if you used to be able to launch Tablo on the iPhone then switch to another application and still hear the audio. Just like you can do with the native Apple music app. Is this possible or no?


I’d love to have this work on Android as well.

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I tried a couple of different ways on both an iPad and Android phone (native app, browser app), and once you go away from either, the audio stops.

I’m going to put in my vote for this one. I’d like to be able to stream just the TV audio in the background while I’m driving. There are several obvious reasons for wanting this:

  • Unsafe to have video distracting me while driving
  • Video uses unnecessary data
  • Would like to listen to the audio while running other apps, such as Waze.

I would also love an Audio-only playback for all the same reasons above. I travel frequently for work and enjoy listening to the local and national newscasts while driving home. I do not need video as I will be driving and my data plan is limited.

Maybe even and ultra-low bandwidth for Remote Streaming Quality like 160 Kbps that would do the trick?

I have unlimited voice minutes so maybe the solution is a telephone interface client then I can listen to it on the phone. As my profession is telephony, this might be the route I follow.

Would love background playback and pip on ipad