Is a hard drive required?

I just got my 4-tumer Tablo yesterday and got my tv hooked up, and got my channels working.  I’m currently hardwired, and running thru Roku3.

I don’t yet have a hard drive, so I didn’t hook this up yet.  

Does anyone know if a hard drive is required in order to stream the Tablo to multiple devices?
Reason I am asking is that at the time being, whenever I try to connect another TV to play a stream, the other TV’s stream cuts out and goes to the Roku channel Menu.  (also the same thing happens when I try to stream on iPad/iphone).  

In other words, is a hard drive crucial to have in streaming to 2 or more televisions?
(can anyone confirm this, or do I have a bug in my Tablo)


Yes a hard drive is required to use more than 1 tuner at a time.

This is from Tablo on a previous thread:

“The way we’ve designed Live TV is to provide the pause/skip functions which means that Live TV is always (temporarily) stored in memory. Without a hard drive Tablo can only keep enough memory on its onboard flash for 1 stream”

thanks. That is good to know.   I just wanted to make sure my Tablo was not broken.

check the quick start guide that comes with the device - it tells the order to connect things -