iPhone won't connect?

Today my iPhone won’t connect to my Tablo. Tried several times, turned my phone off awhile, back on, and tried again. Left it spinning for 4 minutes. I just use it for programming, so I’m not DOA, but really want that capability back. iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 9.3.2, no updates for a couple of weeks, and it worked fine last night. Suggestions? Anyone else having this issue?

Can you open the side menu? Have you disconnected and reconnected fresh?

Have you removed and reinstalled the app?

Did your iPhone get an update? Hopefully not like the S7/S7E but always that possibility

Well, I feel silly. Turns out my Tablo had gone offline for some reason. Disconnected it and my router (which was still working fine), and now all is good. Hope my Tablo isn’t getting sick. Thanks for the assist!

Glad you got it back working. Just pointing out that sometimes phone upgrade might break Tablo or other apps.

Not likely since an iPhone is an iPhone is an iPhone. They don’t suffer the “together but not the same” fragmentation that Android does.

But maybe the newest iPhone could have a problem the previous ones don’t, much like S6 and all previous Saturday phones work fine. It is only S7 family that has problem.