iPhone Tablo app suddenly lost remote pairing :'(

I paired to my Tablo with the iPhone app a couple months ago and everything worked fine up until today. Earlier today I was watching something on the Tablo then I paused it for a while and then hit the play button several times. The next thing I know the app says “removing sync data” and now it says “no Tablo is found on your network”. Wtf?? I didn’t tell it to remove anything l. didn’t try to delete the app and I haven’t updated the app since I paired my phone with the Tablo. My Tablo is located in another state and I probably won’t get to pair it for at least a few months, possibly even a year. Has anyone had this happen? Does anyone know how to undo this? I wish they would just create a username and password interface that we’ve all been dying to have to prevent these things from happening.

If there is someone at the place you have your Tablo, and they are somewhat tech savy, they could set up a VPN for you to use. You could then connect to your home network through the VPN and re-sync your iPhone.

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately installing a VPN is not an option at this point.

Another real world scenario that really screams for a credentials solution to the the remote access situation.

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Totally agree. I get that they want to make remote access intuitive and seamless but it would be nice to have a username password solution at least as a back up option if all else fails. It’s better than not having access.

Very sorry to hear about this @tablousedtowork - we haven’t seen access drop randomly like this before. And we hear you guys about username/password. Stay tuned.

I just wasted a full day trying to recover the pairing from an iTunes backup, but it didn’t work. No more Tablo app for me :frowning: