iPhone app issues

I have an iPhone 5 running the latest iOS software (9.3.2) as of 6/9/2016 and have been having some reoccurring issues. First, the issue I found was that outside my home network through the iPhone Tablo App everything would sync and work except watching live TV. I kept getting the player error message. Every now and then I would get the live stream to come through say 1 out of 7 tries. I then ruled out my home network by using my phone as a hotspot and letting my android tablet use the connection remotely and live tv worked flawlessly every time.

After the latest firmware for the Tablo it seems that once a day when I come back to my home network the iPhone app needs to re-sync, not the normal quick sync but where it asks to find a Tablo and then uses a screen with rotating cover art and a progress bar to sync. This sync takes about 5 minutes everytime. And the next morning when I am at work my iPhone app cannot find any tablos on the network as if it lost its pairing. I was totally dead in the water when I would leave my house. So last night I tried to sync my phone by not using the browser by going to my.tablotv.com and it worked normally. Then this morning I tested while at work and lo an behold the iPhone app still cannot find tablos on the network but through the browser (my.tablotv.com) it would completely work as normal as well as live tv working as normal. These are just some observations and I thought it might help to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issues and to help Tablo improve the iphone App.

@bursmith - did you ever resolve the “PLAYER ERROR” issue on your iPhone. I’m seeing the same problem. Live TV is working fine on iPad and computer both local intranet and internet connected but iPhone gives repeated “PLAYER ERROR”.

I believe the way I got around it was by not using the app but using the phones browser and navigate to my Tablo site and it seemed to work better that way. However I have since switched to a note 7 and have no issues.