iPhone app is missing Channel Lineup

iPhone app bug:

I have two iPhones and have deleted the tablo app and resynced multiple times to no avail. On both phones, the “Active Channels” list is in Settings under Guide is blank and the Live TV section shows an empty grid. I can see/play my recordings, etc. I have a paid lifetime subscription.

I have 76 channels that I receive and they show up on my computer browsers, roku app, and iPad app. But neither iPhone works properly.

Please correct.

So the guide reports the proper information on the computer for example?

I have 79 channels, but I only use 29. My iPhone syncs fine and all 29 are there. I assume you do have the correct zip code. Then you should file a ticket with support and see what is going on.

Yes, guide and all functionality works on computer browsers, roku app, and iPad app. Only the iPhone app is problematic. I have filed a ticket.

@mhill Very odd indeed - does reinstalling the app solve the issue on either phone? Our support team will be (if they haven’t been already) in touch soon to provide some insight.