iPad never finds tablo

My tablo’s wifi signal consistently drops after about 20 seconds. While on the tablo’s network for that brief period my tablo app will not find it. Before you know it my Tablo has dropped the wifi signal again.

Are you also watching the signal on a phone to make sure it’s the Tablo and not your Ipad that’s losing signal? Can you plug into a router to get a new path to it?

It probably took me a good hour but I finally was able to connect to it long enough for it to recognize, then quickly log into my home network. Problem solved for now. Although I’m having some problems getting the table to recognize the HD that I connected. It’s a toshiba. I had been using it on an iMac before. Should I reformat it on the computer to see if that helps?

@Lkoran A reformat could help. If you continue to have connection or HD issues, feel free to get in touch with our support team directly.