iPad App Works Very Well, Just a Single Quirk

There’s lots of discussion in the Tablo Android app area, so I thought I’d point out that I think the reason the iOS area is comparatively quiet isn’t because no one is using a Tablo with an Apple tablet but because the iPad works quite well. Not perfectly, but well.

The only bug I’ve noticed is with Tablo Connect. When setting this up the first time I was told several ports on my router needed to be remapped. I went digging in to how to do this and after an hour of so of struggle I said “to heck with it” and turned Tablo Connect off until I had a chance to tinker with it again. The next day I turned Tablo Connect on again and, lo and behold, it worked fine. The request for port remapping was gone.

I have changed my Tablo from wired to wireless and back a couple of times trying to fix a Roku issue, and I’ve learned this happens every time. I’ll be told Tablo Connect needs ports to be remapped, I turn it off, turn it back on again, and everything is fine.

I’m using a Comcast router, BTW.

I point this pout in hopes that someone else struggling with this issue will read this message and save themselves the time I did trying to unnecessarily remap ports.

I noticed this as well recently on my iPad. I was surprised that is said ports needed to be mapped, and when I went to my PC, it showed that Tablo Connect was working fine. This seems to be a more recent issue.

I spent a few days trading emails with Tablo Support. They insisted it was something to do with my router. I disabled UPnP and manually added the ports and it worked fine for a few days. 

A few resets later and it has been working for a week. Glad to see I am not the only person who has a “network” issue.