Ipad 1 help!

Anyone else have an Ipad 1 working on tablo?

It simply won’t connect to it, it sees it in the web app at my.tablotv.com and just keeps endless cycling the pictures below

I tried safari and google chrome and same thing. This ipad is too old to get iOS7 and get the native app. Any tips?

Bump, still need help

@tmann05 I know only iPad 2 and up are supported as it requires iOS7. Have you already setup your tablo?

Yes it is set up. I know my ipad won’t work with the app since its too old, but it should still work using a web browser like I use on my iphone correct?

@tmann05 I would assume so, maybe @snowcat or @PiX64 can lend a hand as they have a lot more experience :wink:

@tlmann05 Just asked our web developer about this - unfortunately the need for websocket and websqul support won’t allow the iPad 1 to connect properly.

Just confirming the lack of connection on my ipad 1 as well. Chrome and safari are no bueno.