iOS Failure - stuck at Sync screen

Hi, I am having trouble with my Tablo using iPad.

  1. Recordings that are scheduled are not recording
  2. I am unable to delete some recordings. After I hit delete they remain.
  3. Removing schedule on one iPad does not synch to another iPad.

@KaiserJose Can you send us a note directly? We’ll take a look on our end and get this up and running.

  1. Which iPad are you using?
  2. Whic firmware version is on your Tablo?
  3. I noticed a similar issue where deleted recordings would remain visible on my iPad after updating to the newest firmware. I deleted the Tablo app, rebooted the iPad and then re-installed the app. All problems went away.

iOS 8.4.1 on both iPads
Tablo Software 2.2.2
App 1.2.1 (77)

I will delete and reinstall. Will this fix the not-recording issue?

The not recording is likely related to something else. It could be poor OTA signal. It could be you are having HDD issues such as disconnects. Opening a support ticket with Tablo will allow them to check your logs to tell you why the recordings failed.

What is the make and model of your USB HDD?

Support ticket is open.
WD Elements 2TB.

Many individuals have had issues with the WD Elements USB HDD that was easily fixed by updating the firmware on the HDD.

Download the firmware update utility from the WD website, connect the HDD to your computer and update the firmware.

Force the update even if it says the firmware is up to date. That is what I had to do.

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Updated the firmware on the HDD.
Removed and reloaded the app twice.

Now, it is stuck ‘Syncing’.

After updating the firmware on the HDD then plugging it back into the Tablo, did you power cycle the Tablo? aka rebooting it via the little blue button on the back of the unit, just hold it down for 1 second.

Yes. I just did it again via the little blue button and we’re back to ‘Syncing’.

Can you access the Tablo from another device? Say using the Chrome browser on a computer?

Does updating the firmware on the HDD cause a reformat? Do i lose all my recordings?

Chrome browser synched in less than 5 minutes. The recordings that were missing are showing in Chrome (did not show in iPad).

No it shouldn’t touch any of the data.

That being said, updating the firmware could lead to a catastrophic event where all the data is lost. It’s not impossible.

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So the recordings didn’t actually fail then? It’s just a problem with the iPad app sync’ing properly?

@KaiserJose Can you play any of them on Chrome?

Yes, the recordings are working in Chrome. It does appear to be a synching issue on the iPad.


On your iPad:

From the slide out menu on the left, tap ‘Disconnect’ at the bottom.
This will bring you to the Tablo select screen. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right.
Select ‘Delete Tablo’. Afterwards, perform a new scan and re-add and re-sync your Tablo.

Let me know (once you’re synced) if everything is back to normal on the iPad. We’re still checking out the logs on our end.

It’s still stuck ‘Syncing’. I’ve tried the above method, removing the app using (x), removing the app from Settings > Delete App.