iOS App issue 3/21/2019

Launched the iOS app today at home using my home wifi. Searched for my Tablo, I selected to connect. Now only seeing the thin blue bar at the top of the screen where the time is displayed and full white screen otherwise. Nothing else. It’s been sitting like this for a few minutes and nothing. I restarted my tablo 4 tuner and iphone. nothing… it’s march madness…please advise…

WTH - Tablo is now saying through my Roku that I have no subscription? WTH - fix this crap

Reboot your router. Then reboot your Tablo (aka power cycle).

Also read this:

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Thanks for your response, but that did not solve either problem.


Going back to when the Roku OS use to reboot while watching TV, I found the safest way to ensure that important shows were available to watch was to actually record the shows and watch the recording as it was being made. Thus if the play back device was unhappy I still had the recording to fall back to once the problem was cleared up.