IOS APP finds Tablo but not Web APP

I searched and found one hit on this topic but no solution.

Tablo connected to FireTV
Web APP and IOS APP works when in Home network
IOS APP works outside Home network but Web APP does not find my Tablo.

Am I doing something right?

Can you rephrase your question? You start off talking about FireTv, but then you go into WebApp and IOSApp, neither of which have anything to do with FireTv.

It sounds like you are having an issue with TabloConnect and the web app. What device are you using to connect remotely that is having issues?

Remote web app will work once connected local LAN wise as long as it is the same device when being used remotely.

I did not mean to make the question murky. Sorry about that.

I simply meant that my Tablo is connected to a FireTv at home. Tablo is connected to the home network via WiFi at the moment.

IOS APP works outside my home network

Using the Web APP from a Windows 7 PC using Chrome version 48. does not detect my Tablo outside my home network.

Using the Web APP from Windows 10 PC using the latest version of chrome in my home network works just fine.

“Using the Web APP from a Windows 7 PC using Chrome… outside my home network.”

Again, was that same PC used to connect to the Tablo on your local LAN where the Tablo resides? If not, it is not “paired” and cannot be used remotely.