iOS App Fast Forward

Why can’t we get fast forward on the iOS app on the iPhone? The iPad app has it? Seems like a basic feature that should have been in the very first release.

IOS on iPhone

iPad app

You mean the 30 sec skip ahead? The >> is the FF button.

I do mean the 30 sec skip. The >> on the iPhone app does nothing when I am at home and skips to the end of what has been downloaded when I am remotely using the app. The >> is not useful and should be replaced with the 30 sec skip.

The Tablo iPad app uses a customer player (that we built with the original iPad app, before iPhone support came around) while the iPhone app uses the system/iOS player.

Bringing the iPad player to the iPhone player is possible, but it’s more work than a quick patch. We’re working on a few other things right now, but I’ve logged this as a feature request with the team.

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