iOS 9 on iPhone app - can't select options

Go into settings and try to select options for Recording Quality/Startup Selection etc… Can’t change them now…unless I double click to app switcher then go back in and the options are at the bottom to pick. Am I the only one?

I believe the iPad and iPhone app are different and it works on the iPad.

@crudest - Just tested this now and you’re right… The menu just doesn’t want to work easily.

Sending this over to the engineering team to look at closer.

@TabloTV Universal iOS app on the way yet? Might go a long way to lay the ground work for the AppleTV app

@MotobikeMan - Definitely something we’re considering but no ETA. Our next focus will be Apple TV. Once we get into the trenches for it, we’ll make the decision on how best to approach it.

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