iOS 8 Web App lost fast forward?

I can’t seem to figure out how to fast forward in Safari in iOS 8. I’m on a 6 plus if that matters.

@danwilson - There are two options. You can either move the scrubber bar ahead slightly or you can hit the fast forward button. Please note that this is only available on recordings. 

@TabloTV, I don’t see that button on Android, is it iOS only??

@Jestep - this is the web app. Not the iOS tablet app to be clear.

The web app launches a different player on iOS vs. Android so the look will be different but the function should be there for you.
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@TabloTV, I understood, but I only have the scrubber… No fast forward or rewind buttons on Galaxy S5 in Chrome

@Jestep Do you have this function available in recordings? Or is it missing from both recordings and live TV?

Thanks… for some reason I wasn’t getting the scrubber or an active FF button but I am now.  That said, this desperately needs a native app as skipping commercials via either the scrubber or FF button is very unsatisfying. I imagine this will just show my total ignorance, but since there is already an iPad app, how much harder can it be to create a universal version that works on the iPhone as well? Thanks again for the reply and Tablo itself!

@danwilson - I’m not a coder either but it’s been explained to me that they would basically have to reformat the whole shebang because the placement of buttons and other elements would need to be redesigned to fit on the smaller screen real estate. We’re working right now on something that will make it easier to use the app on phones. Stay tuned!

And it is May 2015, and the same problem exists on iPhone app. Chop chop Tablo.

@Kevbeek - I’m seeing both a scrubber and FFW & Rew buttons on my iPhone. Can you take a screenshot to show what you’re seeing?

It doesn’t say 30. It’s inconsistent with how forward it goes. The scrubber skips all over the place. It’s easier to use my Apple TV remote than anything on the iPhone or iPad. Many people complain about this. Obviously it needs refinement.

@Kevbeek is right. The FF on the iPhone web app is pretty useless. It goes forward 10 seconds one time, 3 minutes the next. Each hit of the button is not consistent.

The iPad app has a 30 second FF button. The Fire TV Stick is also 30 second FF.

Why the random FF interval on the iPhone @TabloSupport ?

I don’t think the forward button on the bottom is 30 seconds forward. It seems to skip forward to the end of the data that has been loaded into the player. When using the iPhone app, I find it easier to just navigate through commercials by moving the scrubber at the top of the screen. You can navigate by looking at the time, but the player also shows a preview of the video in the screen. I find the best viewing experience to be on the Roku, though.

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Ah, lack of a button is definitely different than a feature that seems not to be working correctly. I’ll have the team investigate this.

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Yes, iPhone 6+ IOS 8, the forward button jump length varies depending on how much of the recording has been loaded (buffered) into the App player.

Keep the player controls on top and you can see the buffering progress. If you touch the jump button it wil jump to that point in the future timeline.

Just chatted with the dev team and yes, we do use the native iOS player on iPhone vs. our custom player.

@enyapeoj is correct that the jump length in this particular player varies depending on the buffer.

The team would like to work on swapping the native player for a custom one so we can make sure the button acts the same on this devices as it does on others.


GUI uniformity across devices should be a worthy goal. IOS8 iPad App uses 30s jump forward and 20s jump back with a full recorded length timeline.

Over LAN this works surprisingly well. Over WAN, results are mixed depending on latency you don’t always get 30s forward or an accurate future timeline, in my experience.

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but to actually see an active thumbnail of the point of play would be ideal. I don’t use one, but would a solid state drive optimize response of this issue. Also thanks for everyone’s responses.

We’d like to add thumbnails to all of our apps but those that don’t feature this capability require additional work on the player portions of the apps to be able to support this.

Tablo doesn’t require the speed of an SSD so save your cash.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m experiencing the same thing as Kevbeek on my iphone 6 ios10.3.3 device. There is no FF button and no scrubber. Is there some setting that I missed to enable that?