iOS 17 and tablo app

We have confirmed that the tvOS 17.2 beta 3 developer update does make things much more stable for playback.

Some additional fixes from our end are also in QA at the moment.

As soon as our fixes are live we’ll let you know!

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4 - Apple TV 4K’s - MN893
All running - TVos - 17.2

Legacy Tablo quad has been rendered useless. This will require a update from Tablo for Apple tvOS.

upon further use, i added channels to guide up to 28, then it froze up again. that made guide useless, had to close app on tv then removed 7 channels , works again.

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I also add my channel back and it froze back up so it doesn’t work for me.

I’m going to take the plunge with the most recent Apple TV 4K In my living room, the one we use the most -and- upgrade to TVOS 17.2 - most recent public beta (Out just today). I will see how things look with my 15 channels I would like to watch.

I will then try the developer beta next, and see if that is better… I might as well break this thing or make it better, one or the other…

I miss being able to use my TABLO!

On today’s public beta update, the TABLO is running 35% better which means it’s 35% better than 0% which is what it was. There is improvement.

I’ll be glad when they get the Apple TV app working I miss my tablo also. Been watching a lot of Apple Original and got Paramont + really enjoying Star Trek strange new worlds and invasion.

yes paramount + is free with walmart plus so were on that also. hope this is fixed fast, but watching zapper box. they are updating there unit to be much more advanced than tablos new box.

Hi folks -

Good news! A newly available update should correct the grid issues for everyone.

More info here:

Also, if you’re still seeing any issues with playback on the tvOS 17.2 beta, be sure you upgrade to the latest version of the beta, as it should now be resolved as well.

im running 17.1 there is no update from apple, did restart still. tried adding to grid , still having issues no changes.

@jimsoldies This is actually a Tablo app update! If you don’t already have automatic updates on for your apps (Settings → Apps - Automatically Update Apps), then you can check manually by going to the App Store and searching for Legacy Tablo, and hitting the update button.

If that update is not yet available to you, it should be soon.

you were correct, i found the update, downloaded, added channels and now working as should with 29 channels. thank you.

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hi, try update it seems to be working now.

Are we talking the latest *Public or *Dev Beta for best experience?

Just up dated the app and added all my Channels and it looks like it working. Thanks so much for fixing it.

public for me.

I deleted the AppleTV / Tablo (legacy) App and re-downloaded to force the Tablo App update to: v.2.2.42 and ALL IS WELL!!

I’m running Apple TV 17.3 trying to use the Tablo app 2.2.47 and I’m able to see all the tv guide 77 channels but when I click to Watch… it just goes to a black screen… help! I can only watch channels from my iPhone…. And when I screen mirror to my Apple TV… the screen is turned sideways

The Gen 4 Tablo app isn’t available yet for Apple TV. My Legacy Tablo app works great. Hopefully the Apple TV app for Gen 4 will be available soon.

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Yes the old tablo app is working great. And good news on the the new tablo app it will be coming soon it is in beta test now.

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