iOS 17 and tablo app

It has been two weeks now that iOS 17 come out and the Tablo app is still crashing. When is a update for the Apple TV app coming ? I can’t use either Tablo’s the old or new generation tablo with Apple TV the old Tablo app crashes and the new one is not compatible with the Apple TV.

Which model of Tablo do you have. I’m using a Dual 64 and Quad with Apple TV HD & Apple TV 4K and both run perfectly with no crashing on the apps.

I have both. 2 first gen the black 4 turner and the new 4th gen white. I know the white one is not supported but the two black one are. And it is only the Apple TV running the latest operating system. I have four Apple TV and up dated all but one Apple TV so I know it’s a iOS bug with the Tablo app. All of the Tablo’s work just fine on iPad iPhone and iMac and the one Apple TV I didn’t update the iOS on. I have deleted and reinstalled the Tablo app on the Apple TVs but they still crash. I only way I can watch tablo on on tv is in the den on the only Apple TV that is in running the latest iOS.

Did you say the only one that’s Tablo is working on is the Apple TV with the current tvOS 17.

Mine are both updated to TVOS 17 and work perfectly. It should with the update.

He said the Apple TV NOT updated to tvOS 17 is the one that is working.

I been on the beta for tvOS 17 months and never had any problems with my Tablo Quad. The new white Tablos are not supported yet though. I might just reset your devices if so many problems and start fresh.

In our testing to try to determine the source of the issue, it seems like it’s much easier to reproduce on the older Apple TV models vs. newer ones.

But we still haven’t been able to reproduce the issues reliably or determine the root cause. We’ll keep digging though.

@JohnBoy5562 I’m not having crashing issues with any of my Apple TVs and Tablo (legacy).

What Apple TV are you using? I’ve been running TVOS17 since the Beta app was released on all my Apple TVs. I will try to duplicate if you can let me know which Apple TV model it is.

Just bought mine, and the only Tablo app my Apple TV shows is the legacy. What’s the secret to finding the current app?

If you bought the gen 4 Tablo it’s because the Apple TV app isn’t available for it yet…

Just experienced a problem navigating in the Guide for Live TV. I am using the Tablo app on Apple TV . When going down the channel list, as I pass many of the stations, I am shifted automatically to the station I’m passing. Not only that but I can’t even tune to the program listed. I’m just stuck there with the program listed on the screen. It tells me the show started 15 minutes ago. I finally figured out if I hit the “right arrow” on the remote several times, it returns me back to the left column(list of channels). When I start to go through the channels again, it repeats the same problem listed above. Is this a new problem for Legacy units. It has made Live TV unusable.

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Yes.also having the same issue about 2 wks now. this started after downloading apple tv latest update.I reported this to tablo,there aware of it. no eta on a fix ,they say. there are others here that are having the same issue, you can send table a email or call to report issue, the more complaints the better. jim

It’s strange some people would have issues using same products. Mine works just as well with no issues after ios17.

I am having the same issue with the legacy app on my Apple tv. When I scroll halfway down the guide it disappears and I can’t go anywhere. Tablo needs to fix asap this is annoying.


It’s not iOS 17 causing problems it the updated tvOS that runs on Apple TV that’s been broken since day one after the update.

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Sorry I meant there’s no issue for me on my Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K after TVOS 17. They will be releasing TVOS 17.1 soon.

I’m pretty sure it’s got a direct correlation to TVOS 17. I’m a beta program user and ever since I upgraded to 17.2, my Tablo Quad is unusable - 10 seconds of content, then spinning wheels, then 10 seconds and then it crashes. I had an unused AppleTV 4K that had not been updated, still running TVOS 16.4 and it interfaces perfectly and fully with my Tablo. Somehow Apple ‘broke’ the relationship with the Tablo…we need to jump on Apple feedback channels and get them to fix it!!

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hi. I spoke to apple a few weeks ago. I like you had not upgraded one of my apple tv units, and found the same thing. Apple support ,by the way answers immediately, says the apps are responsible to keep there apps up to apples updates, i believe there correct as no other app i use have issues, including streaming apps. tablo, i believe rushed out new unit leaving older units as well as new units out of the apple tv update.


Hmmm…but what would Tablo have to do? It would seem that Apple’s update broke the relationship/functionality, especially if nothing changed on the Tablo side. I dunno. I’ll give apple support a call. I have submitted a couple of feedback reports, but have done it through the feedback app - if you have a more direct approach, please let me know?

Tablo doesn’t seem to care about the old tablo and apple user. That’s my conclusion. It been over a month and no update for the old tablo and no app for the new white tablo to be used with tvOS. Pretty much useless if you have an Apple TV.