Internet data usage and unit hot

it seems that my tablo 2 is running hot. Is the unit suppose to be warm or hot to the touch?

Also : when would the tablo unit be using my internet data since I have it plugged into my router?

The forum is littered with posts on heat concerns and users various solutions.

I made sure my OG unit wasn’t resting directly on a surface that retained heat and I also raised it about 1-2 inches off the surface. Others turn their OG units on it’s side.

You have to define how much internet data is being used. If you have any form subscription, even the 30 day free one, the guide data comes from somewhere. And obviously the cloud uses the internet.

Feels warm to me, but hot to my wife.
Only way to be sure is to measure the temperature.
I used an infrared thermometer to measure my network wired Tablo:

I’d expect a Tablo connecting via wifi would run at even higher temperatures, due to the addition heat dissipating off the wifi chip.

The OG units had a heat sink in the bottom. So they had higher temperatures in that area. Thus users turned them on their sides or raised them up.

The new units have more ventilation all around. And newer electronics are designed to handle running hotter then older electronics.

thanks guys, i did contact support and he checked and all things are good heat wise.

now trying to figure out how to transfer my data from the old drive to new drive. I keep reading and it looks kinda hard. Gonna try to format the new drive and put both in my desktop and try copying the data to the new drive that way. got nothing to lose.

Is your computer running Linux? Don’t think it can be easily done on a Windows comp or Mac.

I bought one of those laptop cooling fans on Amazon for $12 and put our tablo, roku ultra and hard drive on it. I power it via the roku’s usb port. They get warm. No longer hot.

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