Internet Channels!

Given that the Tablo connects to the internet and our home networks, it would be awesome if it could also function as a streaming device like Roku. This would let pc users bypass Chrome’s limitations (i.e. no captions) and make all streamers redundant. There may be profit for Tablo in that they could get into sales of HBO and other channels. In fact, don’t we all think cable and telco’s will eventually be bypassed in the delivery of television services? This would massively position the Tablo for future growth.

The Tablo uses internet streaming boxes. It isn’t going to be one itself. Plus there are already saturated markets for streaming devices (Roku, AppleTv, FireTv, and various Android solutions, plus gaming devices).

I much prefer Tablo’s strategy of providing a much needed service (live and recorded OTA) for as many as these platforms as possible. The hardware doesn’t need to change much, so all the work is in software. Tablo has an advantage right now because there is not much competition for such a flexible DVR.


Well, I found a way to add streaming channels to my computer. I installed Plex. By default, it tries to use Microsoft Edge (that’s probably my default browser) which fails to play Tablo content but by using the address I got it working in Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately, in either browser, it plays with Adobe Flash player which has no way to switch captions on.
ABC Family, USA Network, and SyFy all refused to work in a browser, but most channels work.

Looks like Tivo had the same thought I did. They added internet channels and on demand.

For about the same price, they are offering free 500 gb of storage space, but your expansion options are limited to either buying the 1000 gb model for $399 or purchasing the Western Digital expander of 1 Terabyte for $129.

Looks like you have to buy a second device to get remote access to your live channels and recorded shows with Tivo.

Monthly and lifetime subscriptions are much more on Tivo.

Tablo is kicking butt overall but I still think it needs to add online content to be the hands down winner.

Tivo has had that functionality for a while. They can do it because their box connects directly to a TV, like a traditional DVR.

The Tablo doesn’t need it because all the devices that it supports have it already. When I sit down and look at my Roku, I can watch Netflix, Amazon, Funimation, or Tablo (as well as hundreds of other apps). Try to think of the Tablo like Netflix rather than a traditional DVR. Netflix doesn’t have other apps; it is an app that can be played on anything. Tablo is the same way, except instead of residing on a server farm far away, it is inside your home.


I can’t imagine why being directly connected to a tv would be required for internet content given that Tablo connects to a router and gets is listings from the internet.
My PC does not fully support all the internet apps and channels. I currently have no way to view captions on Tablo. I was able to add Plex, but on Windows 10, several popular channels are not supported in Edge, Firefox or Chrome. Tablo works in Plex but still uses flash in Chrome and Firefox so there still are no captions.
Yes, I can easily add a device for $40 but I just think the Tablo would be far more appealing if it added those features.

I don’t see it happening any time soon. That would complicate the firmware a lot. It would open the device up to many more errors.

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