Internet Browser

I use the web app as I don’t have a tablet. Had Google Chrome and worked great. Then Google started closing down for no reason. Switched to FireFox and all my Tablo does is synch when I log in, never stops. It works mind you, but wanted to know if it is FireFox or me. Is Internet Explorer any better?

@napercort Chrome is the only officially supported browser. We’ve heard of some folks getting by with Mozilla, but IE likely won’t work at all. Are you on the most updated version of Chrome? We haven’t heard of any issues from other folks using the web app lately.

Ya, I was. I loved it but for some reason, it just started closing for no apparent reason. I am making due with FireFox, but it isn’t the best.

Sounds like a problem with your computer rather than the Tablo web app. Uninstall Chrome and reinstall it. Make sure it erases all history and cached files / settings.

@napercort I agree with @theuser86 here - it’s possible that you’ve got some form of malware/extensions wreaking havoc with your Chrome setup. Try a fresh install.

Thanks all, to be clear I am not blaming the Tablo Web App. I know something with Google is out of wack. I did uninstall and then reinstall, however I am not sure I erased all history and cached files / settings.So I will try that one more time. Thanks again.

@napercort I am sure you know this but if you sync everything to your Google account in Chrome it is super easy to uninstall and re-install Chrome and not loose your bookmarks, ect. Just make sure you select to also delete all your data when you uninstall if your doing it to clear up something that is “out of wack”.

Will internet browser Mozilla Foxfire be supported by Tablo in the future? In my case, Foxfire is a lot faster on my desktop and I believe Chrome browser was developed from Foxfire, why won't it work with the web app?

Currently, according to the other web developers I work with, chrome is the most standards compliant browser there is, more compliant than FF, IE, and gag, choke, cough - that Apple web browser called Safari.   :wink:

Many developers say they want their stuff tested, beta tested only in Chrome to ensure it’s solid and compliant, then they “tweak” the apps or web site to work with other browsers. once it’s stable in chrome, they seem to be able to move forward to others. Too often writers code to IE quirks and not around them so when IE changes, their apps or site break as the quirk was removed or fixed. FF for me is a bit of a memory hog, although I do much prefer the FF interface over most other browsers.