Interesting Websites for Content (FREE) (or Newsy app or Newsy on PlutoTV) (or Plutotv app) - several stations (or CBSN app) - CBS News 24x7 (or Sky News or PlutoTV)
NewsOn - Android, Roku, iOS app see for sample - local news from several cities
ShoutTV (Crackle app) (BYUTV app) - movies, sports, other shows, and Morman programming) (Filmon Roku channel and Android) - read reviews of Routers, Cablemodems, streaming boxes, etc - one of the best TV Guides - on mobile device after you register works too

Apps are both Roku channels and Android


Hi @beastman good meeting up with you this morning. Good cord cutting discussion.

I would also mention that (thanks @davidrob) offers contemporary movies and TV shows for free through public libraries. The service has made arrangements with public libraries around the country to provide some number of shows per month as part of the library services. The number varies by location, Austin public library includes six (6) free shows a month. In a town in Indiana where a relative lives they get ten (10) free shows per month.

@js98 how do I get I went to and it is games. Nothing to stream.

I stand corrected. I normally use the iPad or Android apps. Thanks @davidrob!

One of my favorite shows on BYUTV is American Ride. It’s on tonight and will be about President Polk. One thing about hoopladigital is it currently doesn’t support Roku. I will need to sideload it to NP. I can try using the Android app and use Miracast to Roku. Thanks for this one! It has pretty recent movies, including Nixon. Note to others: You need to have a library card in order to sign up.

A couple of years ago I saw the story of how Silent Night was written, and also Disney movie :Follow Me Boys" on BYUTV. Silent Night repeated this past Christmas time/ This was on BYUTV. Also with TitanTV you can create “fake channels” on your lineup. I added BYUTV and EWTN which are two streaming stations on my Roku.

tried sideloading and it installed, however it only plays in portrait mode on phone and on TV, so no usable on NP

Hi @beastman, I am surprised it doesn’t work on NP. So it is not the case that any android app in the play store will work on NP?

I have used this with iPad and Android Nexus 7 through chromecast and it works extremely well. Maybe time to use the chromecast feature of the NP.

I have both Chromecast stick and NP. ALWAYS defer to NP for bufferless casting.

American Ride and other shows are available on Demand