Interactive new user tutorial - Posts about nothing :)


And “yes” is not a valid post. I had to add the period or there was a warning that a post must be 4 characters. So… “ok” would not be valid either :slightly_smiling_face:


I love how @djk44883 reacts with Huh? to his own survey - classic! i :heart: this guy - in a forum friendly way :wink:


y e s


sorry but I couldn’t resist, try a thesaurus


Thanks guy, but if I’d know’n what I was do’n I wouldn’t have hidden the results until after you vote… but for this poll, maybe it’s best.

9 minutes ago… I got another badge - Gives Back giveback I feel good about this [pointless] badge! But as you probably know by now, I missed my target. How can I have gotten like 100 times… but not greattopic , at least 50+ of them were from this topic even one from discobot, not that I’ve counted













Happy Dance



@everyone I click to check my notifications drop-down (for most it’s the letter in the upper right, with a small number on it) Had notice this peculiar one

[egads] “the system” made an edit to my post !?! It appears they cleaned up the image BUT
the point being, they are involved in this topic and can’t help but see it is being liked and liked and like - more than 50 times so @system when will the Great Topic Badge be awarded??

@discobot roll 5d12 happydance


:game_die: 1, 8, 8, 8, 2


Maybe you need 50 likes on the very first post??? There are only 4 :frowning:


Fight the good fight :crossed_swords:
It specifically says topic

This badge is granted when your topic gets 50 likes. You kicked off a fascinating conversation and the community loved the lively discussion that resulted!

I don’t get it either. I’m sure it’s all automated, so I don’t know what triggers it. Perhaps it’s inadvertently disabled - who knows. There’s one for wiki edit and I don’t think there’s a wiki here - they are stock from package that runs the forum


what’s going on here!? I just noticed an orange pencil on my first reply to you… I click to remind myself what did I have to edit…

ok, so I missed the notice. Why wouldn’t it let me quote what I was reference @bbaorbb in

Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean there’s no one out to get me. :scared:


Oh, we’re out to get you… you just run too fast.


you have no idea how asinine that is

but that’s for suggesting it’s possible - you sure are swell!