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next I’ll start a campaign for everyone to have (at)TabloTV asking why not …how much longer is this going to last?

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@discobot where is my Roku OS 9.1 upgrade?


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"Sur-prise, sur-prise, sur-prise!"


lost? don’t you want something like (<- not an active link)


Apparently Roku is just painfully slow pushing upgrades. This was released April 9th


this is going to bring noticeable improvements to your Roku? or “you just can’t wait?”

Like with tablo’s upgrade, other than commercial skip - there are imporvments but probably subtle.

Maybe we can have a Gregorian Chant while waiting…

Posts about nothing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whoa - we almost discussed a serious (?) topic here


Just enough to allow someone to vent - I want a badge made just for me, it’s my upgrade and I want it now, or it’s a great topic - acknowledge it - then back to nothing

  • Which is better One or Two?
  • Ok, now Three or Four?
  • Is Five better or Six?
  • Fine, now Six or Seven?
  • Huh?

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'bout time :slight_smile:


Single sign on for apps. Changes to how search works. Some speed optimizations, but most important to me is this is supposed to fix whatever the issue is with volume leveling causing random audio sync errors or just plain messed up audio.

So yeah… I just can’t wait :smiley:



wonderful, right


use your words


have you tried saying bad words at it? :poop: