Interactive new user tutorial - Posts about nothing :)



and during the the entire time the show was on, one thing didn’t change - “No Hugging, No Learning” So many show change writers after a few years and change so much from where they started.

They could find comedy in almost any pointless nonsense. The first episode I was the the “The Chinese Restaurant”. I kept waiting to see where it was going… then released, it’s just the stupid stuff that happens when you’re killing time waiting for a table - for a long time.

Then, when he came out and said it was a show “about nothing” and everybody knew - and didn’t care - genius.


In the last 3 days I have earned 7 meaningless badges. 10 people have become certified and 11 people have earned their License!!! - nothing indeed…
And I added my old Wii Mii image to my profile


7 :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:

I’ve only accumulated 3… none are the coveted Great Topic Badge.

I have, unknowingly, exhausted my daily :heavy_check_mark: :heart: usages and eared Out Of Love Badge. I’m not really sure how to take that - First and only user to achieve this at this point.

I do have some sense of acknowledgment having been liked by discobot :heavy_heart_exclamation: himself :exploding_head:

I’ve remembered Monty Python I forgot I knew :bird: :hole:
and didn’t forget about some the the more important things… sort’a

:heavy_check_mark: :heart:

@discobot roll 5d6 Yahtzee


:game_die: 4, 6, 1, 1, 1


Not anynore! :fireworks::sparkler:


I don’t want that badge.
I want to remain aloof.
Wait, is there an aloof badge? :slight_smile:


Ugh - I tried but my friend has not joined yet - I think I may need to buy him sushi :sushi:


The aloof badge would look like this: :cat: or :cat2:


I generally remind those around me to have realistic expectations. I seldom have aspirations, outside this topic “Posts about nothing :slight_smile:

aloof is often misunderstood as “lazy”


did someone post the following?
@djk44883 quote


Let’s see if this works:
@djk44883 roll 2d6


I’m not a bot… just a guy who can who can’t earn a Great Topic Badge… with “Posts about nothing :slight_smile:

Lets congratulate @ben1 for getting a Promter Badge - GO :tada: BEN :confetti_ball: GO

I will leave you with this line —

If not for the courage of the fearless crew,
the Minnow would be lost; the Minnow would be lost.

:heavy_check_mark: :heart:


LOL - I must have missed something above. What is the hidden :heavy_check_mark: :heart: about?


@djk44883 is looking for love :heart: maybe just not in all the right places.


In context, it was pointing out that there’s a daily “cap” on the checks/hearts.


Click/check the heart on the post - maybe my own likes won’t count toward Great Topic - need likes! need likes :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Well yea, that’s why I waste my time here I guess


I just went on a :heart: spree and reached my max for the day (or at least 2 hours).


… it doesn’t show you have a Out of Love Badge - yet!