Interactive new user tutorial - Posts about nothing :) now with polls


12 Hours and no new post - I have excuses like food, horses (Derby), beer. I hope you all have similar excuses…


I would place the blame on @djk44883 new image. It was quite a shock when I first saw it. Maybe it’s because it makes him look friendlier and more gentle, or maybe like a Batman villain, I just don’t know.


Now that’s a nice reply for someone who’s awarded a Certified Badge. But really bbaorbb, if you’re making excuses in a pending Great Topic Badge post in a topic “Posts about nothing :slight_smile:”, which iniated your Licensed Badge look more like this…

:clock12: no new post :hourglass: - excuses like :hamburger:, :horse_racing:, :beer: :beers:

…just ask’n :grey_question: Me, :computer:, :shopping_cart:, :sleeping:


It wasn’t my first choice. It wouldn’t resize the one I wanted, I saw bigsmiley.gif, sure it has some connection to the smile in the title. Yes, it does stand out in the entrance page a bit. Not sure if it’ll stay… or if I’ll get around to changing it a second time, it’s not been a regular event.

@discobot quote Jed Clampett

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:left_speech_bubble: It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself. — Eleanor Roosevelt

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discobot quote Jed Clampett

:left_speech_bubble: Well doggies! — Jed Clampett

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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@anybody, @everybody, @whoever, @nobody, @HeyYou, @YouTalk'nToMe, - I almost started a new Off Topic about this

A different community forum controlled by a giant corporation give specific examples of proper ways to trash talk - I get it, liability and online bullying - but this almost sounds like a beyond even company seminar stuff.

you make your comment and jab with

  • Get destroyed
  • Get wrecked
  • Try again, kid
  • Cheap win
  • That sucked

What about

  • Big Meanie
  • Oh Yea
  • I’m tell’n
  • I know I am but what are you?
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@discobot quote Judge Judy


:left_speech_bubble: Think like a man of action; act like a man of thought. — Henri L. Bergson

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@TabloTV , @system , @Discobot, @Anyone

What specific requirements are necessary to meet the criteria needed to be awarded - Great Topic Badge?!?!

This topic - Interactive new user tutorial - Posts about nothing :slight_smile: has achived that 6 times over!! - 300likes What’s up with that??

@RabbleRousers :crossed_swords: call to action :heavy_heart_exclamation:

slight disclaimer

I dont’t really want to cause trouble… just wanting an answer

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My best guess is that the first post needs 50 likes, and it only has 5.

This makes sense, as there is also a “Great Reply” badge for when a reply gets 50 likes.


I’ve done it. I’ve gone a week. It just gets easier from here on out…


Yes, your assimilation will get easier…

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And it was only 4 days you “resisted”


I’ve been resisting the entire life of the thread, I just didn’t post in it until 4 days ago. :slight_smile:


Makes sense, that’s the only one referring to reply and several other’s referencing posts… now it’s confusing - post vs reply …over thinking

I have a grave fear this is correct. It’s very misleading. Initial post to newtopic equates to the post itself being the topic? Who would have interpreted that?? I wish I’d know that 7 days ago… According to the topic map -
The 401 like stats is just for show – who’d have though it was somewhat meaningless, if it doesn’t refer to topic likes.

The heat map is now (tool tip in the index) "This topic has 195 replies with an extremely high like to post ratio" extremely high Great Topic Badge reciepent

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Your weekness proves nothing – if you can’t play with the big kids, stay on the porch :dog:

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You’ve declared it dead? :skull_and_crossbones: It’s repeatably possible. The topic stats show over 400 likes – turns out that is most likely a meaningless number and achievement of Great Topic Badge is unobtainable for this topic.

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Not at all, just saying I had resisted the entire 7 days, not the 4 days I was accused of. :slight_smile: