Integrate with IFTTT

I would like to use a WEMO to power down the Tablo, Drive, Attenna booster when not in use but if a show needs to be recorded that’s coming up, power it back up again.

@ltldevl - That would certainly save a bit of power for you but I’m not sure there’ll be enough demand to push this feature request up the priority list. 

Anyone else super into home automation? 
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@TabloTV Not so much to control the Tablo hardware but IFTTT integration would be a good way to increase user base. I would explore creating some IFTTT recipes based on new recorded episodes, shows, guide data, free space, play/delete triggers. The best would be to simply receive a notification of new “premiering” shows… And new sports. (I hate having to check that on my own.) How about new conflicts!? Notifications to different individuals when new episodes of their shows record… Or are in conflict… This would be a form of multiuser support in the product… Something very much needed.

I guess I like it mostly for the idea of allowing a Tablo to email/text/tweet events. Tablo could do that on their own but why not hand it off to the community via IFTTT and see what else develops.

Tasker on Android would be my first preference but IFTTT is likely a better long term card to play for an automation tie in.

It could also be used for reminder of shows start… No other OTA DVR solution does this! Don’t think any other cable or sat either!

Yea, this would be pretty cool

It would be good to use IFTTT to get notified of events. Sure there are other use cases if I think about it more.

Count me in…

I love home automation and IFTTT would be a great choice. Although I, personally, would not use it to shut down Tablo.  It would be a great substitute for email/text/twitter integration.  It could also be used to kick off a script/process on another host. Maybe one that sent an email to your local cable company every time a show is recorded to tell them you still don’t need them.

I’m in for IFTTT if I can create a recipe to get notified of upcoming conflicts, or premiering shows.

That being said, I would put this in the “that would be cool” category, which is below the “must have” category…

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I would appreciate program start reminders, but remote control of scheduling recordings through WeMo would be great. 
=> If I forgot to schedule tablo programming at home, I could do it through the WeMo or IFTTT apps wherever I was. <=

Or if another WeMo or IFTTT device gave me an unexpected occupancy alert, I could remotely turn on my TV and tablo to spook an intruder. 

Just bought Tablo. First thing I did was look for IFTTT integration. Hoping to see it soon.

IFTTT integration would be simply amazing. I’d love to be able to shout at my Google Home to turn on my favourite channel. Please make this a feature!

IFTTT integration would be able awesome. I am in particular interested in firing an IFTTT event when a TV show has finished recording. If IFTTT is not doable, it would be nice to be able to receive an email.
Since IFTTT can consume Email messages, I can perform automations from that.