Installation Questions

Recently acquired the Tablo Dual OTR DVR.

I installed via wi-fi to watch on my Insigna Roku living room TV. Setup was a PITA since there appears to be no setup app that works on my iMac. Had to use my iPad.

After several attempts at installation, I finally got it working properly and am reasonably satisfied with the results. But I have several installation questions:

  1. For some reason, the setup bypassed the step for securing the Tablo_2557 network, and it’s no longer listed on my iPad or my iPhone as a received wi-fi network at my location. (During installation the wi-fi transmitted by my Tablo Dual seemed to be intermittent, disappearing if I did not quickly enter the password for my home wi-fi network.) How to I do a Post-Installation security-level change for the Tablo net if I can’t find it listed among wi-fi options?

  2. Now that I have the Dual OTR DVR operating, I wish to add an external SSD for more storage. I can find no instructions among the FAQs for performing this operation. How to I perform this task without screwing up my current installation?

Thanks in advance.

  1. After you have the Tablo connected to your own WiFi network, the Tablo no longer broadcasts its Tablo_2257 network. There is nothing to secure as the Tablo is now connected to your WiFi network using whatever encryption your router is using (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.)
  2. Just buy a USB HDD, plug it into the Tablo, reboot the Tablo and you’re good to go. It may prompt you to format the drive, format it.
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Wow - where do I start … here goes. Hope I get this right.

First, your Tablo has a WiFi receiver, it does not transmit a WiFi signal. In other words, if you are going to connect your Tablo to the Internet via WiFi, The Tablo needs to find your local in home WiFi network and then you will enter your WiFi’s password for the Tablo to connect to that WiFi network for access to the Internet.

Once you do that, you will need to go online, using your iPad, or iMac and go to the website: and sign up for an account. This will allow you to schedule shows, playback recorded shows, etc. on ALL your devices (iPad, iMac, iPhone, etc.)and change setting, etc. on your Tablo.

Once you have done that you should be able to see your Tablo on your iPad, etc. From what I know, there is no app for the Mac computers, but the online ‘app’ at works great. So, that is what is used on the iMac.

Second question - Just plug in any usb external hard drive (like a Western Digital 1Tb USB drive) to the usb port on the Tablo (in the back). It will ask permission to format the drive. You will need to do that for it to work correctly with the Tablo (I hope you use a new drive that does not have important computer files on it, as the formatting will erase everything and make this drive only for recorded shows).

Once it is formatted you can start scheduling recordings. Once the first show is recorded, you will see it show up in the app (or online at in the “Recordings” section.

Hope I got this right and hope that helps and explains a few things.
Good luck - Happy Tabloing!

It actually does broadcast a wireless SSID, and allow you to connect to it as if it were a wireless router, or wireless access point, but only during initial set up.

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