Inserting a video channel into incoming antenna. Can NTSC be scanned?

I am feeding an alternate video source channel into my incoming antenna feed on an unused channel. I am using analog NTSC. Will I be able to add this channel to the Tablo list of channels or will I necessarily have to insert a Digital channel?

Tablo’s tuners are ATSC Digital only.

Would it need PSIP data?

If tablo used that, then they couldn’t charge for guide data. Yea, program schedule is OTA free, but tablo won’t use it or the time setting broadcast provides, it doesn’t allow for monitoring.

“The insights from @smurph are spot on. The PSIP data is necessary (as it is set by the standard) in order for the channel (and its guide data) to populate. We’ve seen a few isolated instances (maybe… 3-4, ever) in which the broadcaster is not transmitting the PSIP data. If this is the case, the broadcaster needs to solve this on their end.”