Initial setup via wifi - no tablo ssid found

I setup and used my Tablo over the weekend. Just got and hooked up a new router. None of my devices were able to find the Tablo wifi network in order to connect it to the new wireless router.

  1. Is your old router still plugged in and powered on?
  2. When you setup the new router, did you set it up with a new SSID for the WiFi? Or did you use the same name and password?
  3. Since changing routers, have you tried rebooting the Tablo? You can do this by tapping the little blue button on the back of the Tablo (press it for only 1 second).

@mfalkow - Try the instructions here:


  1. The old router is completely disconnected.
  2. When setting up the new router I used the SSID and password it came with. So it is different than old router.
  3. It was late last night when I realized I wasn’t going to get the Tablo reconnected so the first thing I was going to try this evening was resetting the Tablo.

Thank you for the response. Seems to confirm my suspicion that I need to reset the Tablo unit.

@TabloTV, i was already disconnected from my Tablo by switching routers. I selected the edit wifi button at which point the app prompted me to go to my devices wifi settings in order to connect to my Tablo’s wifi network.

This is where my problem lies. Neither my phone nor tablet are able to detect a Tablo wifi network so I’m not able to connect to it. I don’t see a way in the set-up instructions to connect to the Tablo if the Tablo wifi network is not found.

As @theuser86 suggested I’ll be hitting the reset button on the Tablo to see if any of my devices can then pick up the Tablo wifi network.

Hit the blue reset button and that did the trick. The Tablo wifi network poped right up when I got on the Tablo App on my phone.

Thank you for the suggestions.