Initial Setup Problems

Just set up my Tablo Dual Lite.

The unit is located on my second floor. My router is on the first floor. I’m using a WiFi setup. I went through the setup procedures using my iPhone while upstairs. It went through all the steps including reformatting my 2TB USB drive. Took a short time for it to download the guide and I thought I would be off and runnng.

Came downstairs and opened the app on my tv. Get a notice that a mobile device is required! Says to please switch to your iPhone, iPad, or android mobile device to set up your Tablo using WiFi. If I dismiss it I get the add new Tablo screen telling me to use either an e5hernet or WiFi to set up. If I click on the WiFi one all it does is take me back to the mobile device required screen.if I open up the app on my iPad which doesn’t have cellular I get nothing.

So, long story short is my Tablo Dual Lite will play on my iPhone and that’s it. Won’t play on my tv or iPad using the apps. Could really use some help. Thanks.

All the apps and TV are on the same subnet as the tablo.

Can you go to your router and verify the Tablo Dual Lite is on your home wireless network?

Another thing to do is reboot your router and your Tablo unit. On rare occasions, the Tablo can’t be seen by some devices and vice versa. Rebooting the router usually fixes that.

First of all I’m not technically efficient. I’m just an old man trying to hook his Tablo up so that I can watch my local stations when away from home, which is quite often.

My router shows my main network is the 2.4 ghz band with another network broadcasting 5ghz under a different name. When I set the Tablo up I did so using the 5ghz network. When I try and connect to it from the iPad it tells me to connect to Tablo_XXXX. Well, that never shows up under networks. When I try now to connect to the Tablo using my iPhone it says unable to locate your Tablo. When I try and connect using the Tablo app on my Apple TV all I get is it saying to set up a Tablo using wife and when I click on it it goes to another screen that says please switch to your iPhone, iPad, or android mobile device to set up your Tablo using WiFi with a Dismiss button below that that takes me back to the previous page again!

I have a dual band Netgear router with an app on my iPad for it. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell me much. Shows many items but no Tablo. Shows 8 Unknowns and two blank network entries.

If I could figure out why it works fine when I’m close to it with my iPhone one would think it would be easy to figure out why it won’t work when away from it. When I first came downstairs after setting it up it would fine for a cou0le of minutes and then disappeared. But, even when I was upstairs it was only working on my iPhone, not my iPad. Both are connected to my 5ghz band!

So to summarize, I’ve set the table up by using my iPhone but it only works with it if I stay close to the Tablo. It won’t work with my iPad even if I am close to it. When I come downstairs it doesn’t even continue to work with my iphone. It does not work using my app on my Apple TV device. I’m definitely out of my element here. Thanks again for your input.

I cannot verify it’s even on my network but I have rebooted everything and 5hat hasn’t helped.

When it works with iphone the tablo app settings page should have the IP address of the tablo unit. That address should also be in the netgear connected device list. You should be able to find the IP address that the ipad is using in it’s setting. It must be on the same local network subnet as the tablo unit.

The tabvlo unit must somehow be connected to some network if it download the guide and it works with the iphone.

This thing is about as wonky as it gets!

Got up this morning and opened my iPad and it is now working on it! So, it now works on my iPhone and iPad but not on the app on the Apple TV?

When I try it on the tv this is what I get: Searching for Tablo on your network

Add new Tablo pg pops up. I click on set up a Tablo via WiFi and it takes me to the mobile device required pg where it says please switch to your iPhone, iPad, or android mobile device to set up your Tablo using WiFi. When I click on the dismiss button it takes me back to the add new Tablo pg.

CheckingIP addresses I see the problem, I just don’t have a clue how to fix it. Every item on my router is going under 192.168.1.—. When I check the iPhone and iPad and the Tablo, they are all operating under 192.168.5.—. I know from what you’ve told me they all need to be on the same subset. How do I get the Tablo, iPhone and iPad on the same that everything else is. Thanks again.

How is the Apple TV connected? Are you sure it’s on your home network? If it’s WiFi, you can try forcing a disconnect and then reconnect to your network. Maybe it’s on a secondary guest network from your router.

Apple is connected to my home network of 192.168.1.—

I can see it on my router so I don’t believe 5hats 5he problem but, just in case I deleted and reinstalled the app, still no luck after rebooting.
I have no guest network set up but I’m still confused why 192.168.5.— is showing up only on the Tablo itself and the iPad and iPhone while everything else is under 192.168.1.—? Thanks for your input.

Could it be doublle NAT. Where the netgear router is in front of another router and thus there are 2 DHCP server passing out addresses. Or it’s connected to a WiFi extender that has a DHCP server.

Thanks so much. I had a Nova Mesh sitting next to my Netgear router. When I unplugged it and refreshed my router the IP on the 3 devices that were working updated to the same one the router shows for everything else. That solved the problem, at least that one.

Now im having problems with setting up port forwarding for Tablo Connect. So much for plug and play. Thanks for all your help.

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I must admit, I did learn quite a bit during this process. For that knowledge I thank everyone that contributed. One last question please. I now have the Tablo connect on and supposedly working. If I’m at a never used location and open up the Tablo app on its tv, how does it know to connect to my Tablo. I just told my wife m betting good money it’s not going to work, for one reason or another!

It can’t. You can only use Tablo Connect with devices that have already been connected to your Tablo on the local LAN.

Let me see if I understand you correctly. Are you saying I cannot use this out of my house? If that’s the case that defeats the whole purpose for me and I will just return it. I keep wondering why 5here was no registration and contact info asked for to set up an account.

While I don’t use remote connect I can only repeat what I think is the more popular methods. After you open up the local port by port forwarding, you could connect via iphone or ipad and cast to the TV. Or buy a new cheap firestick, connect locally and carry it to the remote TV to use.

Of course each solution such be tried outside the house before traveling remotely. There is also VPN but that may be too much to learn and setup unless you already are using VPN.

You can use it outside the house. It was designed to be used on a mobile device to watch your content remotely. As @zippy says, you can probably cast that to a TV. Or use a portable streaming device. But not install the app on any random TV or other streaming device.

Thanks again. We had planned to record our shows on this and then be able to watch 5hem on our tv’s at our second home when we travel there. Since the only way to do that would be via one of our mobile devices I guess I will be sending this back Monday. For some reason I 5hought all I would need would be a Tablo app on 5he device I wanted to watch them on. Then I realized that I didn’t even have to set up an account with sign in info and that’s when the porch light came on. Luckily I just recently bought it on Amazon and. Love their return policy. Thanks for all the help folks.

As @zippy stated, you could purchase a Fire TV Stick (currently as low as $27) and first connect it to your TV at home and make sure that it can connect to your Tablo. Once that connection is made you should be able to take it with you to your second home. At your second home, just connect it to your TV and you should be able to remotely view recorded and live TV from your Tablo.

One word of warning is that you need at least 15 to 20 mbps internet upload speed at your first house to reliably stream remotely to your second house and the same for download speeds at your second house.