Initial setup OTA antenna feeds

Hi all,
First post. I have an OTA antenna set up with a three way splitter to three smart TV’s (2 Samsung, 1 Panasonic). I am looking at options to set up Tablo.

  1. Buy a 4-way splitter and run new cable through attic
  2. Buy a 2-way splitter and use with one of existing antenna feeds to a TV
  3. Other options?

I appreciate any assistance and am a beginner to cable cutting.

My guess is you don’t want to split a split to feed the tablo (which I believe has an internal splitter as well)

I have a run from my attic to one of these guys in the basement, then out to my tv’s, tablo and HDHomeRun

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Thanks @MotobikeMan. My existing splitter is outside under the eaves of my house so I would need to locate power. Appreciate the help!

FYI - Power is fed to this one by coax as well so it can be quite a ways away.

Here is what the power adapter looks like

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I’m using the same…it works great. The best way to run coax are direct “homeruns” from a distribution amp to the device, avoiding additional splitters if at all possible.

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Okay. I got it now. Many thanks!

@ChrisFix thanks for the assist.

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@MotobikeMan thanks for the detailed response with the link. :+1:

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