Initial setup issues

I am setting up a new tablo quad and I am seeing 2 issues.

First Issue, I have a 2TB drive connected to the USB and on initial boot up it said that I needed to format so I did, however, now it shows no storage connected.

second issue, I see my channels on the guide, but when I go to live tv to play it is telling me that no tuners are available.

Any help/ideas??


Okay update,
The tuners seem to be working now,but ut still tells me no storage

I’d try rebooting the Tablo.

You might try a different player and see if you get the same results. I have seen occasions where my Amazon Fire Stick would say no storage available but the application on the computer showed it correctly.

Yes the tuners finally started working, but I still see no storage connected.

I have reseated the drive and restarted the Table. It was able to see it at first to ask about formatting it. I said yes to that and now it doesn’t see it.

Have you rebooted the Tablo and tried a different client (app) as suggested above?

Yes I have reset the Tablo a few times and have looked it with a computer, cell phone and the app with a Roku. They all show no storage device.

Hmmmm, you might try reformatting the drive in windows (NTFS) and then reconnecting it to the Tablo to force a reformat. I have had to do that before to get it to work.

Thanks Steve, I will give that a try.

Let us know how it works.

How’d it go? Did you get it working?

Haven’t had a chance to work on it yet.

Unfortunately still having issues.

I did the NTFS format, now when I boot up the Tablo with the drive connected, it sees it but says it must be formatted. Once I have the Tablo format it then it no longer appears and the Tablo says no storage is connected.

@Rik2888 If you’re home with the Tablo now, give us a ring and we’ll try to poke at the drive from our end. 1-844-822-5688