Initial Firmware Update did not "Stick"

I received notice of the 2.2.2 firmware update while my TABLO was “Active in Normal Mode” and installed the update. It seemed to work until I had a power-outage at the TABLO. After restarting all screens (Live TV, Prime TV, TV-Shows, etc.) were blank. I tried a soft 1-second restart but that did not fix the problem.

I then decided to restore virginity to the TABLO and executed a full Factory System Reset. Afterwards I noticed the TABLO booted up with the old version 2.1.30, and there was a notice to upgrade the TABLO firmware. I did so, and after the TABLO restarted with version 2.2.2 I executed a Factory reset again. This time the TABLO did come back with Version 2.2.2.

So it seems to me in some cases a firmware update in “Active in Normal Mode” might not properly update all the old files with new ones.

I now will proceed to try my new 5TB Seagate Expansion USB drive.

Anyone willing to lose historical recordings and schedules and are having problems similar to mine might want to try the same procedure.

Hey @Wolfpack - Despite the phased rollout we had a lot of folks trying to update this weekend which may have resulted in some timeouts on downloads of new firmware. We’ve added some server power over the weekend so everything should be A-OK now.

Enjoy your new 5TB HD!

@wolfpack - What exactly is “Active in Normal Mode”?

Active in normal mode for me means the Tablo was powered up in normal operation without any recent restarts. I believe some users have commented they did not get the update notice until right after they performed a reset on their DVR.

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That’s ‘normal’ functioning. When the Tablo restarts, part of the process is to check with our servers to see if there’s a more recent firmware available.