Initial connection issues

Hello all… trying to get set up over here and having a heck of a time.

Plugged in tablo, HDD, antenna. Trying to get it on WiFi. Tablo powers on, blinks 4x/sec then 1x sec. Light does not go solid. 

Wifi network is WPA2 secured, DHCP is enabled, router is passthrough DMZ via UVerse as uverse router is useless. No other issues with network at all.

Roku will not pick it up, I read in the forums that Roku doesn’t do wifi.

I plug Tablo via ethernet into my router and reboot Tablo. Same blinking light, no solid. No connection. Back to Wifi.

Tablo broadcasts Tablo_xxxx network fine. I connect to this network (no problem) and try to access via chrome, and android phone. Nothing. 

What is going on here? This really shouldn’t be this difficult.


Follow up, connected with my nexus tablet and that finally did the trick. Without a tablet I would have been screwed, and in any case I spent almost two hours messing with it unnecessarily. First impressions are huge, dev team, this thing needs to be plug and play. Anyways, moving along.

Yeah, I couldn’t connect with the web interface on the first go round either.  I had to use my tablet, and just like you, would have been screwed w/o one.  Once I did the tablet, then I could use the web interface.  Go figure.

Can’t agree with you more on plug and play.  It’s new, so a few glitches are to be expected, but this is way too buggy for me.  

Good luck with yours!

@lancole85 @VegasSteve We’re hard at work on improving the setup experience on Wifi. Ethernet is fairly plug and play at this point, but we understand Wifi is more convenient, and the setup process should be too.

What seems to be confusing some users is that you need to leave the browser at ‘Waiting for Wifi connection’ and navigate to your available networks, join the Tablo’s, and return to your browser. From there, all you need to do is follow the prompts.

We’re going to be releasing a firmware update (along with app updates) within the next day or two to address several of these issues, along with a handful of new features. 

Please don’t hesitate to give me a shout directly on the support line, or by email if you have any other questions or concerns., 613-454-5615.


Just to clarify, I did that exact thing on both browser and phone. In PC windows Chrome it would show page unavailable after switching to Tablo WiFi, Android chrome on phone it would just give a blank page. This was with a good connection to Tablo WiFi.

Thanks for listening and warm regards.