Indy 500 does not show under Sports tab

As the title says, the Indy 500 running this Sunday 5/28/2017 is not showing in my guide under the Sports tab. This is a Indy Racing series race and the tab shows a race on 6/3/17 in detroit but not the race tomorrow… The race is on one of the big three (ABC) and I get two different channels in my area, neither one shows in the guide. I’ve been pointed to use this way of viewing shows since the guide data is only 24 hours for the Channels, but it seems incomplete at best?

My guide last updated 7 hours ago from this post.

There does some to be a problem with the guide. I finally did find it. Do a search for IndyCar Racing under TV shows, not sports. It should bring up Sunday’s race. But it really should accept searches for “500” or “Indianapolis” as well as be labeled a sports program.

Thanks, see it there. Wanted to record it mainly, knew it was on. Guess I could have set it up manually, still getting used to Tablo and the Guide.

The Tablo has had quirks over the years with one time events, especially sporting events. See this thread: Daytona 500

Thanks for the link. Learned something new by posting, had never noticed the search button before lol.