Incorrect time of recording designations?

I’ve recently started experiencing strange “times” on my
recordings. For example, it will say something recorded from 4:00 pm to
5:00 pm when the show was actually on from 8:00 pm to 9pm. This has
happened a couple of times, and in one case the recording was only 12
minutes long (should have been 2 hrs). Last night it did this on
Survivor and the recording is also split into two parts.

I have checked my location in Tablo and time zone and location in my Fire TV. All are correct. Any ideas? TYIA

Did you the time zone and time on your router? Some routers allow you to set the time using an internet time setting site. See for more information

Hmmmm…My router has been set up for over a year now. I haven’t changed anything. And not “all” the recordings show the wrong time. Seems to me that if it were the router then all of them would be displayed with incorrect time designations?

Update: It does look as though all “new” recordings are three hours off. I will check the router, but it seems very odd since nothing has changed with that.

Maybe if you loist power for three hours. Just googled and here is another site with some time servers listed

Thanks, but I have not had any power interruptions. I would have known about any lasting more than seconds as all my clocks, microwave, etc., would be blinking after a power outage.

Also, the recording times are off by five hours.

@MsMetaP Were you able to get this sorted out? Don’t hesitate to work directly with our support team. They’ll get this fixed up.

I’ve been emailing back and forth with David since yesterday. I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Thanks!