Incorrect guide for changed channels

I recently noticed a few channels went away, and after a rescan new channels showed up.
Problem is the guide for the new channels is incorrect.
The guide lists the new channels as Heros and Icons and CoolTV (which happen to be the stations that went away 13.1 and 13.2).
The actually stations are NBC and CoziTV. So nothing will record on those stations because the guide is wrong.
I have tried updating the guide many times with no results.

I’m in New Hampshire (greater Boston Market).
The affected stations are WYCN out of Nashua, 15.1 and 15.2

Not sure why the guide isn’t updating to the new stations programming.
I have no idea where Tablo gets their guide info from.

Here is the link to the stations showing they changed channels from 13 to 15 and changed programming from H&I to NBC.

Any info on how to get the new guide would be great.

Support ticket or call Tablo support. Include your zip code and Tablo mac address.

Ticket submitted, thank you.

As the WYCN Wiki page states:

WYCN-CD sold its frequency rights as part of the Federal Communications Commission’s spectrum auction for $80.4 million;[23] in the auction, the station indicated that it would continue operations through a post-auction channel sharing agreement.[24] On October 18, 2017, OTA Broadcasting entered into a channel sharing agreement with WGBX-TV
(channel 44); under the terms of the agreement, channel sharing
operations could not begin until the WYCN-CD license was acquired by NBCUniversal.[25] NBC agreed to purchase WYCN-CD the same day.[26]
In December 2017, the station announced on its website that it would
“cease broadcasting on its current frequency on January 16, 2018 and
begin broadcasting NBC Boston on a new frequency.”[2

That is correct, but the guide reflects the old stations that they ceased to broadcast.
The guide should reflect the new NBC programming that is being broadcast now after the change.

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