Inability to fast forward - Xbox one S - Tablo App

I have troubles fast forwarding on the Tablo App via X-Box One S from any recordings. Every time I try to fast forward (joystick to the right showing progress bar) to any section of the recording, it goes right back to the beginning of the recording. I then tried the “RT” button on the Xbox and that works but only fast forwards to like every 20seconds but the problem is if I click on the “RT” button quickly to many times (to fast forward to 2minutes), the recordings goes right back to the beginning. Basically, the fast forwarding capability is virtually impossible to use on the X-Box One S - Table App.

The iPhone and iPad fast forwarding capability works like a champ. Also using Chromecast via Chrome browser - fast forwarding also works with no problems.

Also had issues where the Tablo App on Xbox One S just shuts down unexpectedly. As I’m watching live stream or something that’s DVR’d, it just unexpectedly shuts down and returns me to my Home screen on the X-Box.

This leads me to say that the X-Box one S app has many bugs in it which is unfortunate because the console is my main entertainment center.

+1 in requesting the Xbox One app get an update. I know it probably doesn’t have as many users as the Roku/Fire/Apple TV apps, but it could use some love.

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I’m having the same problem on my older XBox One (not S). It seems to work for the first 10-20 minutes of the program, but then any attempt to fast-forward jumps back to the beginning. Made watching a recorded football game impossible.

It appears that the problem occurs when a recording has signal dropouts. I am able to fast forward recordings without problem as long as the channel had a very strong signal with no dropouts (pixelation). But if there is any signal issue with the recording (doesn’t have to be bad), the problem is there.

Had a great experience with Tim at Tablo Support – they were able to replicate the problem, and have submitted a ticket to app dev team.

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