In Startup Section: Prime Time is Not listed in Amazon fire stick New Gen

Hi… I am new here. I have the Tablo 4-tuner. I am using Amazon fire stick new generation for both TVs. It’s working perfect but just one problem… I could not bring back the “Prime Time” option in the Settings --> Startup Section in the Tablo App… I know it came about in the first time setup but when I chose “Live TV” instead as my Startup… All of a sudden “Prime Time” was gone in the option… I just want to let you guys know coz’ I could not find the answer here on how to bring it back… I re-installed the App and still nothing… Appreciate the help… Thanks!


@j0nTblo - Prime Time is not a startup option on Fire TV but it is on web and mobile which is probably what you saw during initial setup.

Oh ok… just wondering why only on web and mobile? Does Roku/Apple TV have this option? If they do, then the App itself is not consistent to all platform… Just saying… but no big deal if that’s how it is design… Thanks again!

@j0nTblo - We are working towards feature parity on all devices but we’re not quite there yet.