Impressive remote access performance

I’ve used remote access before with my phone, tablet and computer, but hadn’t tried streaming to a large TV set. Well, I’m in the process of moving to a new house, and haven’t yet set up an antenna… I was about to buy a firestick because my Rokus aren’t supported for remote access, when I remembered I had an old Asus Nexus player laying around. I fired it up at the new house this morning, and tho it worked. Video quality was unimpressive though. That’s when I remembered remote streaming quality was set to 1 Mbps. So, I opened it up to full quality, and was blown away by the flawless performance and video quality, as good as I get while watching Tablo at my old house.

This should hold me until I can get situated with an antenna. I’ve got my fingers crossed that will go smoothly, but I fear some broadcast towers may be situated behind some huge hills.


Wow, I do love it when stuff like that happens. :slight_smile:


I stream remotely at full quality with a Roku using a VPN, works well.

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A Roku stick taken on an overseas trip will work with a VPN? Any instructions or tips online anywhere on how to do this?

Does a Firestick work remotely without a VPN?

Yes an Amazon Fire TV device running the OG Tablo app supports Tablo Connect (remote viewing).

The new Tablo PREVIEW app on the Fire TV does not support Tablo Connect.

Thanks, that’s good info, I’ll just take a Firestick with me. I would hope the Preview app (with commercial skip) will eventually support Tablo Connect as well.

I just ran into an issue with my Asus Nexus player… tho viewing my Tablo from my new house, it’s still set up and working in my old house (Been up for sale less than a week and already have an offer on it, so the equipment will likely soon be coming out).

I’m able to access Tablo with no issues on my Win 10 computers/Chrome browser, and Android phones and tablets with full functionality. However, just recently, I ran into an issue with the Asus Nexus player. Almost everything works, but when I go to live TV, nothing is there except the time bar across the top. The channels aren’t showing up, nor the grid lines, nor the live TV programs. However, everything else works. I can get the left side of the sreen menu column, access settings, recordings, etc. The recordings show up and can be played, I can get premiering and new shows, etc. Only the live TV grid is messed up.

Of course, this happened while I was out of town last week and the wife was unable to watch live TV as a result. I gave her a few troubleshooting tips like rebooing the Asus player, but to no vail. When I got back into town last night, I went through the usual steps of rebooting the Asus player, refreshing my subscription, updating the guide, exiting and re-entering the Tablo app, etc. I didn’t want to uninstall/reinstall the Tablo app because I was afraid of breaking the pairing I have with Tablo.
Anyway, does anyone know if there was an update last week that broke the Tablo app for Android streaming players? Or anyone hve any ideas for bring back the ive TV grid without breaking pairing? As a last resort, I could go back to my old house, as it’s still mine for at least another month, but I’d like to avod that if I can because it’s about 40 minutes away.