Impression So Far - Nice UI, PVR capabilities too basic even for a v1

I purchased the Tablo with the intent of testing for my own purposes prior to the fall TV season, and to write a review/recommendation for some of the communities I support (many of whom were Windows Media Center users).  My impression after a couple of weeks is mixed.  

The user experience is very good, with the HTML5 and iOS apps taking a clean and refreshing approach to finding content.  Better than I expected to be honest, I quite like it.

However when you get into the functional details, things just don’t work as you would expect.

Record All or Record New (including duplicates) - Given that the UI organizes content by season/episode, I would expect that record all and record new would cause the Tablo to go out and record each episode to fill in the season/episodes that it doesn’t already have.  Blindly recording everything including duplicates is a big miss, and betrays the expectations set by the UI.  In many markets this isn’t a fringe use case, recording duplicates happens every day for several series.

Record until full - Anyone coming from even the most basic PVR experience would expect to be able to set some limits on the number of recordings to keep.  I detailed this in another thread, but the current behaviour to record everything, forever, until the device is full and stops working is unacceptable if you’re hoping to convert people from any sort of existing PVR service.

These two items are must-have, and make the Tablo a non-starter in my household.  As it stands currently, my Tablo will be headed back to NewEgg and I won’t be able to recommend Tablo.  However, if there is a more specific timeline for delivering these capabilities then I’m all ears.

There are other things that I would like to see, but frankly I could wait to see these in future updates.  Those include:
- Download content for offline viewing
- Expose recorded content to other apps so that OTA recordings can be mashed up with other content (simple UPNP or SMB browsing)
- Native iPhone app (although the HTML5 app is good enough for now)
- And of course, many small tweaks to functionality which over time will polish the experience

Great work so far and the device has promise, but while the software looks slick it also feels like it’s not quite reached the point of functionality where it can compete as a PVR alternative.

@pnear - Thanks for your feedback. 

We’re working on smart record and smart delete options right now which should address your two major issues. Hopefully you’ll give us a bit more time to get those finished. ETA for delivery of these features is within the next 2 months.

Ok, I’ll hold onto it then.  Let me know if you’d like me to test this out in a pre-release mode, I’d be happy to do so and provide feedback.

@pnear - Thanks. We appreciate your faith in us :) 

We’re working on assembling a beta testing team. Happy to add you if you send your name and Tablo ID number to @TabloSupport