I'm curious. Remote access overseas

Can a person living overseas access my tablo? My friend is living in Ecuador and wants to access it so he can watch American channels. Will this work? Will it slow down my performance at my home?

Yes, but he would have to take (or send) the device he wants to watch with to your location to “pair” it with the Tablo. Or you would have to set up a VPN to give him access to your home network.

And yes, there would be some impact on your Internet connection since the video has to be uploaded to him. And it would take a tuner every time he wants to watch something.

Well it’s a Roku TV so that’s out of the question. I could buy him a separate Tablo but feed the antenna to it at my house. Then buy a Roku stick and pair it and send it to him. He’d just be using up some bandwidth.

Roku is not a supported device for Tablo Connect (out of home streaming). See https://www.tablotv.com/out-of-home-streaming/

Android phone or tablet would work, provided the device was previously paired at your home. I’ve used my phone and tablet this way – but, there is always the possibility of it losing its pairing.

Now, if you have a VPN configured at your home that your buddy could re-connect to, this would not be a “end-of-show” problem – your friend could simply tap back in and re-establish the pairing.

Before investing any real money, make sure your distant buddy has reliable access to sufficient download bandwidth (3-10 mbs, depending on your quality setting) and you have sufficient upload bandwidth.

Also, as previously noted, keep in mind that you will likely be committing a tuner to the time your friend is watching. Depending on your (family) situation, this may create some problems.

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Well That sucks a big one.

He’s not gonna want to watch it on his phone or tablet, he’s gonna want to watch it on a TV.

I see it says compatible with fire TV. What about the fire stick?

Fire Stick works fine. I have one, and have tested Tablo Connect.

Only the OG Fire TV app works with Tablo Connect at this point, the new app doesn’t support remote viewing.

Admittedly for a variety of reasons we haven’t upgraded to the current firmware, but on 2.2.20 firmware all Fire Sticks work perfectly remotely and internationally. Watching our Tablo in the UK via a Fire Stick right now. Have done so in about a dozen countries on three continents using multiple Fire Sticks (all originally paired on the home Tablo installation). So far, after several years none of our Fire Sticks have lost pairing with the Tablo.

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Thank you all. What I’ll do if we decide to do this is buy a separate Tablo dual lite just for him on a separate antenna feed. I have a spare hard drive. I’ll set up a VPN and send him a firestick. My wifi and router has plenty of bandwidth and throughput for this to work. I’ll test it all before I send him the firestick. This way it shouldn’t affect my viewing.

What is the upload speed of the internet? This will determine how well they can stream remotely.

Just be aware the VPN may complicate things - so thoroughly test it out locally.