If you watch a program you're recording playback stops at end of when it records

Starting in the last few weeks, if you’re watching a show that you’re also recording the playback stops when the Tablo stops recording, just as if you were watching the recording. The problem is that we’re trying to watch the next show when this happens.

Why did this start happening and how do I make it stop?

This is because playback ends at the end of the program. If you want to continue watching, effectively “live”, start playback by clicking on the channel name in the guide vs the program name.

But the problem is that I am watching the show live - not the recording.
I also happen to be recording the show (so I won’t miss it if I’m not there) but I’m watching live so it shouldn’t stop. When it stops it interrupts me watching the next show (because, again, I’m watching the channel live).

Actually, that same logic applies if you are watching live as well. If you select the program it will stop at the end of the program. In the guide click on the channel vs the program and will continue to the next program when the current program ends.

Watching the Tablo via a Roku you can click on the channel. We’re using a Google ChromeCast that doesn’t let us click on the channel.

Do you mean the OG Chromecast or the Chromecast with Google TV?

I ask because I’m using a Chromecast with Google TV and v2.2.2 of the Tablo app and I have no problem navigating left to the channel name.

Most probably the OG Chromecast since they gave it to us when we upgraded from FiberTV to the current 1G Fiber hub.

Thanks to your tip I’ve found that I can get to the channel instead of the show - Thanks!
It only does the stopping thing if I’m recording the show - I can watch hours of shows if I’m not recording. The next time I’m going to watch a show I’m recording I watch the channel instead of the show - I’m betting that fixes the problem.

Glad to hear you have it working!

Did my test and as expected if you’re watching the channel then it does NOT stop the way it does if you’re watching the show that happens to be being recorded.