If I have to record and watch in 720P what's the point?

I am a new Tablo user and I just read about the Roku 720P setting. Well, that may be OK for my bedroom TV, but a 55inch in the LR and a 92 inch 1080p projector in the basement. That will be where I have guests over for football games. Why do I still have to watch in 720p?
I get so many Loading, Please wait messages as to make it unwatchable.

is there anything I can do, or just bite the bullet and get rid of the Tablo? Or is there a better option than the Roku?
I really like the idea of Tablo, but if the combination Tablo/Roku doesn’t work then that’s a problem.

I’ve been using the 1080p setting for a year now without any problems on all of my Roku 3s. If your network can handle the bandwidth, the newer Roku’s should have no problem handling the 1080p stream.


My Roku is a two week old Roku 2.
I have no other network issues of any sort. I just set the Tablo to the Roku 720p setting and have not had a drop out yet. :frowning:

The older Rokus can play 1080p as well. The issue here is generally network related - it is not the Tablo’s fault.

Please answer the following questions to help us help you:

  1. Which exact Roku model are you using? Roku 2 has two models, the older 2720 and newer 4210.
  2. Is this Roku set via WiFi?
  3. If WiFi, are you using the Wireless N 2.4 GHz band or 5 GHz band?
  4. Is your Tablo hard wired to your router?
  5. What is the make and model of your router?

The solution to your problem is likely to hard wire your Roku to your router if you want 1080p content.

Have you actually tried the 1080p setting yet? Or did you set it to the “720p Roku/Chromecast” setting right away? That’s only a recommendation. A Roku 2 should have no problem handling 1080p.

ETA: Ah, just saw you were having “loading” issues. Likely a network issue, as 86 mentioned.

Streaming at 1080 is going to use a constant 10mbs or so. There probably aren’t too many other things you would have used your network for, that use that kind of sustained bandwidth.

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Yes Netflix 1080p is like half the bandwidth of the Tablo so hence all my questions.

Problem is even at 1080p you are actually upping it from 1080i because that is the highest over the air broadcast

I did run it at 720 and 1080. It appears as if it stopped reading the WD elements hard drive. Now it has a flashing light any time Tablo is on. Appears to be OK for now.
Not sure on network speeds. I am not at home anymore.

As for hooking up Roku’s to hardwired network. That really loses a lot of the appeal since I do not have cable running to 4 TV’s. :smile:

The wireless aspect and the DVR was the reason I went this way.

Hopefully my hard drive was somehow not connected.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll let ya know of something changes.

Is your Tablo at least hard wired?

Nope, all wireless. Antenna is not near router.

You are probably going to have to wire the Tablo to get 1080p to work well. The clients probably won’t need to be, but the Tablo will work much better wired.

@DB67 get a Nexus Player and your problems will go away. It just works.

You’re right. Thanks. Plugging in to router made a big difference.
Kinda sucks because I have to move some crap around. But I’m saving a $100 a month so I can live with that. Lol


Have you heard of these fun little devices called Powerline Ethernet adapters? You could use those to hard wire your Tablo to router without moving the antenna and Tablo.